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Inspection Service

Help you to identify the quality problems in the goods as soon as possible, in order to achieve the timely delivery of the goods, to avoid the loss of brand reputation and economy due to the delivery of inferior goods.

E-commerce Quality Control

It can provide one-stop quality control services such as commodity inspection and field certification for major e-commerce platforms and issue inspection reports to ensure that products are successfully launched and meet relevant quality requirements.

Factory Evaluation

Helping you identify the best supplier for you, and laying the foundation for ensuring the stability of your products, helping you to maintain your brand benefits.


Help you improve your company's own operations and supply chain management issues, help you choose the right business strategy, find and grasp new business opportunities, and achieve your business goals。

Main Industry

About SQA

SQA INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION LIMITED It is a professional third-party service organization that integrates commodity inspection, inspection and consultation. The company mainly provides products inspection, container supervision and factory evaluation for domestic and foreign buyers in the mainland. It can provide professional, meticulous and timely service according to customer requirements, so that customers can understand the purchased goods in the first time. The true quality, to avoid product defects, to ensure product quality and timely delivery.

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